• A 16mm love letter to the cinema of German Expressionism (circa 1910-1924), created for The Caligari Project, Regina, 2016
  • Der Glöckner, set in 1914 in a fictional European town on the cusp of war, examines themes central to German Expressionism: isolation, war, fear, the paranormal, the unconscious, angst, man vs the machine, and transcendence.
  • To create this film, we opted for the highest level of authenticity we could manage in 2016. Sets were hand-painted canvas, depicting the projection onto reality of the 2D inner world of the lonely Bellringer. All effects were done in-camera, including a pinhole iris, superimposition, and live weapons.
  • The cast and crew were incredible. They brought their love, talent, and patience… and made this film a reality!

Screenings and Awards

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
 Narrative Drama
3258 x 2304 Apple ProRes 422

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DVD & Blu-ray available through Winnipeg Film Group
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World Premiere:
Screened as part of The Cinema of Dr. Caligari at The Caligari Salon, a joint production between Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative/MacKenzie Art Gallery, as part of The Caligari Project, October 2016

Saskatchewan Independent Film Awards – SIFA
Der Glöckner screened and took home two awards: Best Film and Audience Choice, and was nominated for Best Score. Thank you, Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative! – November 2016


  • Cinematographer Berny Hi
  • Director Chrystene Ells
  • A film by Chrystene Ells and Berny Hi
  • CAST
    Der Glöckner: Don Wood
    Belle: Sable
    The Bride: Amanda Schenstead
    The Groom: Mike Rollo
    Father of the Bride: Gerry Ruecker
    Mother of the Bride: Celynne Swenson
    Priest: Guy Michaud
    The Boy: Logan Markel
  • Soldiers from the Village
    Mark Claxton
    Brian Dueck
    Gerald Saul
  • Enemy Soldiers
    James Karloff
    J.E.D. LaCoste
    Ryley Ortman
    Chris Strandlund
    Brandon Zerr
  • Villagers
    Lori Abbott
    Al Bank
    Ron N Brandt
    Dolores Bryant
    Kassi Deck
    Wayne Gemmell
    Sharon Pulvermacher
    Sara Ski
    Chantara Wadsworth
    Paula Weber
  • CREW
  • Art Director: Geoff Park
  • Mechanical Effects: Wayne Gemmell
  • Lighting Designer: Geoffrey L. Yates
  • Costume Designer: Candace Cardoso
  • Set construction
    Catherine Bridge
    Wayne Gemmell
    Geoff Park
  • Camera Assistant: Jeremy Ratzlaff
  • Production Assistant: Jade Tulpin
  • Makeup Designer: Sarah Fiset Brezinski
  • Makeup Assistant: Vanessa Kahnapace
  • Hair Designers
    Candace Cardoso
    Kayla Rauert
    Amanda Schenstead
  • Score: Jason Cullimore
  • Firearm Specialist: James Pratt TV & MP
  • Wardrobe Assistants
    Janet Weisgerber
    Daniela Zerr
  • Extras Casting H & S Casting
  • Storyboards
    Chrystene Ells
    Johnny Watchman
  • Scenic Painters
    Catherine Bridge
    Chrystene Ells
    Gloria Miller
    Geoff Park
  • Catering Dave Boys, Recharge Cafe
  • Editors Chrystene Ells & Berny Hi
  • Documentation
    Ron N Brandt
    Wayne Gemmell

Thank you

  • Saskatchewan Arts Board
    Karen Henders
  • Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative
    Gordon Pepper
    Logan Vanghel
    Mitch Doll
    Kristine Dowler
  • Creative Saskatchewan
    Tobi Lampard
  • Canada Saskatchewan Production Stages
  • Rielco Productions and “The Trial of Louis Riel”
  • University of Regina Faculty of Media, Art, and Performance
    Theatre Department
    Mason Roth
  • Regina Bell Ringers
    Wayne Tunison
    Carol Benesh
    Bev Lundahl
  • Firecube Video Services
    Barry Rudd
  • Wayne Slinn Photography
    Wayne Slinn
  • Woodley Acres Pet Boarding, Indian Head
    Niagara Custom Lab
    Frame Discreet
    Matt Holland
    Hugh Patterson
    Natascia Lypny
    Daniel Petit
  • Dedicated to the life, art, and spirit of Paul-Gui Crepeau