It Was A Circus

A puppetfilm based on the memoirs of "Lefty the Sodbuster" tells the true story of an unexpected encounter on the Saskatchewan prairie in 1904. From a Community History Book of first-person narratives called "Prairie Progress: Commemorating the Macrorie District" found in the Prairie History Room at the Regina Public Library in Regina Saskatchewan.


  • Adapted, designed, and directed by Chrystene Ells
  • Puppets, sets, and puppeteering by Chrystene Ells, Sarah Huber, and Amy Mantyka
  • Additional puppeteering by Kristine Dowler and Noelle Duddridge
  • Cinematography by Berny Hi
  • Narration by Paul Gui-Crepeau
  • Additional voices supplied by Mark Claxton and Berny Hi
  • Post production and editing by Chrystene Ells and Tessa MacIntyre
  • Banjo by Sarah T. Ells.


  • International Puppet Underground Film Festival
  • Calgary Animated Objects Society – International Festival of Animated Objects
  • Cinema Saskatchewan on Access Television
  • Reel Rave Film Festival
  • A Night of Poetry & Film
  • Red Rover (Edmonton,¬†Saskatoon, Calgary)


Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
1920 x 1080 Apple Pro Res


  • The in-camera sunset was created using live-action lighting changes during the opening shot.