• When your body is so starved for a basic element that it consumes itself. This is a follow-up to the story of my battle with Hyperparathyroidism in Parathyroid Punk. This is my first film to screen in Germany.

  • Technical: Shot on Max 8mm (wider gate than Super 8mm), transferred to digital medium 2K (2048 x 1152) 23.976.

  • Techniques: timelapse, pixelation, in-camera editing and fade transition

Film and screening info

  • These Girls On Film reviewed it when it played at The 8 Fest in Toronto. Fantastic article and great website!
  • Awards/Nominations:
    Nominated for Best Film and Audience Choice Award at 16th Dresdner Schmalfilmtage, Dresden, Germany, 2015 out of the 100 submitted films in this international competition. Received Special Mention!


  • Co-Directed by Chrystene Ells & Berny Hi
    Narrated by Chrystene Ells
    Cinematography by Berny Hi
    Produced for the One Take Super 8 Event. Edited later for re-release in 2015.
  • German subtitles translated by Nicole Gfeller