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  • When I found out I had hyperparathyroidism, and what one little PUNK GLAND TUMOR was doing to my body, I immediately got the idea to make this music video.

  • I am very lucky to have been diagnosed, and in June of 2014 I had surgery to remove the tumor, thanks to the contributions of over 230 amazing, generous, wonderful people from around the world. After ten years of being sick, surgery took 14 minutes as an outpatient procedure at the Norman Parathyroid Center in Tampa, Florida. My heart goes out to the many, many undiagnosed people out there who are currently suffering from the progressive effects of this disease.
    This video is dedicated to all my friends and to the total strangers who gave so generously to my friends’ fundraising campaign for my surgery, to the medical professionals and advocates who are fighting to get hyperparathyroidism recognized and understood, and to all of my parathyroid friends around the world, both diagnosed and undiagnosed.

  • LYRICS: Parathyroid Punk

  • I’m a parathyroid tumor and I live in your neck
    I’m a tiny little jerk but I’ll make you a wreck
    ‘Para’ means ‘close’ to that other famous gland
    Don’t confuse me with your thyroid, son, I’ll get out of hand!
    Don’t be fooled just ’cause I’m not cancer –
    Surgery is still the answer
    Have ’em check all four ’cause there might be another:
    Here to cause more trouble are my three little brothers!
    PTH! Parathyroid Hormone!
    PTH! Parathyroid Hormone!
    PTH! Parathyroid Hormone!
    Stones! Bones! Groans and Moans!
    I’m a parathyroid tumor and I’ll kill you one day
    But before you die I will make your body pay
    Robbing the calcium from your skeleton
    That’s osteoporosis, your mind’s like gelatin
    I’m a parathyroid tumor and I’ll break your bones
    Make you feel like sh*t and fill your kidneys with stones
    I’m the Hulk of Parathyroids and I’ll make you cry
    and if you don’t get rid of me I’ll make you DIE
    PTH! Parathyroid Hormone!
    PTH! Parathyroid Hormone!
    PTH! Parathyroid Hormone!
    Stones! Bones! Groans and Moans!

Film and screening info

  • 4 min., 2014
  • Screenings:
    12/2014: Reel Rave Film Festival, Waskesiu, SK
    11/2014: SK Filmpool Premiere Screening, Regina SK
    11/2014: Wild Thing: Prairie as Concept and Environment (New York, NY)
    11/2014: Cinema Saskatchewan on Access Television
    9/2014: Bay Street Film Festival Retrospective, Thunder Bay, ON


  • Parathyroid Punk lyrics by Chrystene Ells
    Music by Billy Darts
    Guitar and drums by Shawn Descarie
    Bass and vocals by Gab Harpelle
  • Written, designed, directed and produced by Chrystene Ells
    Cinematography by Berny Hi
    Puppets by Chrystene Ells, Noelle Duddridge and Sarah Huber
    Puppetry by Emily Berntson, Noelle Duddridge and Chrystene Ells
    Post Production by Chrystene Ells and Berny Hi
    Credit Sequence by Berny Hi
  • Thanks to Jill Cohen, Stephen Pocock, Dan Weil, Karena Weil, Raul Viceral, The Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative, and Moxie.
    Recorded at the Meatlocker by Ian Showalter
    “All Ages” font by Kevin Christopher,